The JLAKit: Why ?

Craftsmanship activity and transformation of raw materials requires energy. However, in many developing countries, access to energy is still a major problem for producers and craftsmen. The cost of equipment often makes it inaccessible.

Our solution :

Our contribution to solving this problem is to propose an ecological, economical and high-performance solution that:

  • will help the planet (clean energy)
  • will help the situation in developing countries (thanks to development through access to energy)
  • is within the reach of local means, in both technical and financial terms
  • combines high performance and lower cost.

How ?

1. We analysed the various problems encountered in the local construction of small turbines and developed the JLAKit, a turbine designed to reduce costs to a maximum without reducing performance.

2. In order to do this, we chose to supply the parts of the turbine which can be assembled in a workshop with no more than basic facilities.

  • provision of parts at the least cost
  • transfer of the labour cost to the country of the purchaser

Result :

The JLAKit is a reliable turbine within reach of modest means of investment.

In addition to a workshop with just the basics, basic knowledge in engineering is required. On request, a fully assembled machine ready to install can be supplied.

Apart from this developmental aspect, the JLAKit also contributes towards better environmental management. The use of non-polluting hydro-electric energy is a “green energy” alternative to fossil fuels (such as used in electricity generators) which craftsmen traditionally use for transforming agricultural produce and for lighting.