1. What is it ?
  2. Who is it for ?
  3. Why does it come in a kit ?
  4. What are its advantages ?

What is it ?

JLAKit is a BANKI /CROSS-FLOW type hydraulic turbine.

Its distinctive feature is its design based on a kit of easy to assemble components.

In fact, this robust and reliable turbine has been designed to be supplied as a kit of components to be assembled locally by the purchaser, allowing it to be acquired for a very competitive price.

It has been produced in response to demand for low-cost equipment with a power level of less than 25 kW, mainly for the mechanical drives of small mills and other facilities.

JLAKit is a turbine suited to sites for which infrastructure work is within the reach of local means, both in technical and financial terms.

With JLAKIT, we can provide an energy solution that is ecological, economical and high-performance.

Who is it for ?

  • Craftsmen in Southern Countries who want to invest in an efficient and robust tool within their means, in both financial and technical terms, in order to develop their activity.
  • Rural communities who wan to invest in a tool that meets their needs (for pumping, agricultural transformation machines, etc.).
  • Rural or other low budget electrification projects.

Why does it come in a kit ?

The kit concept for assembly by the purchaser allows its owner to familiarise with the technology and makes the price of the JLAKit turbine competitive.

What are its advantages ?

  • Reduced cost, thanks to standardisation of the kit and transfer of assembly to the purchaser.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Efficiency, robustness and reliability.
  • Technology inspired by a turbine concept tried and tested for more than a century.

  • A robust rotor, identical to the one used in the JLA29, already a resounding success for JLA Hydro SPRL for more than 20 years.
  • A robust driveshaft made up of generously sized high-quality cast iron brackets and bearings.
  • Easy to maintain, since all the essential components are easy to access and removable.
  • The ease of changing drived machine, thanks to a pivot hinge system.